Eric Z. Weintraub

I think that for many writers, the motivation to write comes with an a-ha moment. A moment where they’re reading a great book or witnessing something extraordinary and they realize, “I need to be a writer.” I never had an a-ha moment. I’ve wanted to be a writer and tell stories since I could remember. The passion came naturally to me.

Since I could put pen to paper, whenever an idea came into my head, I wrote it down. The idea would start with a character or a scene. I wrote for the simple purpose of finding out what happened next and how the story ended. Today, my first drafts are about taking myself on the journey. Rewrites are about finding a way to explain that journey to someone new.

As I mold a story into its final form, I do so with the hope that others will read and understand my work. If I’ve done my job, my story will lead them on the same journey I set out to experience at the beginning. If the journey affects them or gives them a different perspective on the world, they’ll hopefully understand why I write too.