Compound Press

A non-traditional publisher dedicated to mixing genres and hybridizing literary forms. We seek to widen this innovative gray area by growing classifications and supporting uniquely diverse, and uniquely structured, subject matter. Our collaborative books are printed in hardcover with matte laminate. Free digital versions are designed for unlimited sharing.

Mixed Genre

Consisting of two or more categories in combination to create a diverse narrative

Hybrid Form

Composed of varying styles designed to coordinate a literary technique or tone

Special Edition

Designed as a collectible hardcover book bound with matte laminate on board

New Compound

Fusing Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, and Western genres, Mojave utilizes elements of prose fiction, play, screenplay, and beat-driven illustration for a multi-layered reading experience delivered in the time it takes you to watch a feature film.


Author: Ryan Gattis & Kevin Staniec
Editor: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Simon Leclerc
Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-0-615-93212-5
Proceeds from Mojave support 1888 educational programs

Purchase - $20.00

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About Mojave

The Mojave desert stretches approximately 25,000 miles, encompassing significant parts of what used to be known as California and Nevada. Now that the water has run out, it’s a wasteland once more. Towns and cities were abandoned as millions had no choice but to flee the desert southwest in a migration unparalleled in American history.


One scientist may hold the key to solving this hydro-disaster, but he disappeared during the chaos of this exodus—leaving his wife desolate and wondering whether or not she is a widow. Marooned in a land she no longer recognizes, Annie Lin resolves to stop at nothing until she finds out what happened to her husband, even if it means entering into a devil’s bargain with agents of a foreign government to do so.

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    Mojave, written by Ryan Gattis and Kevin Staniec, is a hybrid: part prose, part play, part...

  • Artwork

    Simon Leclerc illustrated 12 moments from the story to enhance the reading experience at k...


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