SWP16 – Events

Throughout the month of July, during the Summer Writing Project, 1888 and JukePop present a series of free educational essays, lectures, and podcast episodes produced for the community and available to support our Top 25 with advancing their stories.READ MORE

Where Books Come From – Part Two: Enter the Literary Agent

Quick recap: Part One began with a list of major players who contribute to the book publishing process, from agents and editors to distributors and more. It also began with quite a few questions. The focus of the previous blog post, as well as what’s to come, is to examine the publishing industry in a relatable way in order to discover why traditional publishers function as they do, and whether or not the system can or should be changed.READ MORE

Where Books Come From – Part Three: Big Houses versus Little Indies

Quick recap: Last post I took a very brief look at what it means to start the publishing process. Most of what I discussed was common knowledge—the fact that the writing process takes time, the fact that the first step to publishing a book is deciding between traditional or indie publishing and the fact that a literary agent is the key to reaching major publishers.READ MORE