The Typewriter: A Love Story

The Typewriter: A Love Story features a richly illustrated collection of typewriter advertisements from the 1950s. This vibrant anthology of historic typewriter memorabilia originates from designer Janine Vangool’s publication The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine. READ MORE

Orange International Street Fair 2017

The 1888 Center will be CLOSED on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3 to celebrate and support the Orange International Street Fair (OISF).

Since 1973, the Orange International Street Fair (OISF) has been bridging the financial gap for local non-profit organizations. OISF is a multi-cultural family event with an average attendance of 400,000 during the 3-day event.

The How The Why: 178 – Ruta Sepetys

Today our podcast connects with Ruta Sepetys, author of internationally acclaimed historical fiction novels such as Between Shades of Gray (Philomel Books) and Out of the Easy (Philomel Books), and the recent Carnegie Medal winning novel Salt to the Sea (Philomel Books).READ MORE

The How The Why: 177 – Nate Ragolia

Today our podcast connects with Nate Ragolia, Co-Founder of Spaceboy Books, author of the novella There You Fee Free (1888) and the novel The Rectroactivist (Spaceboy), Editor-In-Chief of Boned: A Collection of Skeletal Writings, author of the webcomics The Illiterate Badger and The Right Corking Adventures of Cecil Larkbunting & Alastair Wakerobin, and Social Media Manager of 1888.READ MORE