New Novella – The Plaza Literary Prize 2016 Winner

“Cut the Thread opens with a mysterious death at the opera that sets a quiet, upscale neighborhood on edge. Walters subverts the cozy and the quaint, controlling a panoramic narrative of shifting perspectives and interconnected character focus like a deft puppet-master. Classical music is present throughout the book, and it is clear that it lends an inspiration for a style of compositional control in the writing. Evoking a sense of place and how people move about a city, the crisscrossing movements of the characters is dizzying in the best way.”READ MORE

New Novella – Summer Writing Project 2016 Winner

The Goldfish is a grounded, touching, tranche-de-vie, wrapped in a seventies-style, high-concept sci-fi blanket. Dunlap manages to draw the reader into an unbelievable world by crafting a completely believable drama focusing on a protagonist that’s instantly relatable—a smart man, troubled, but still striving to do right by the people in his life. Stanislaw Lem would be proud, and Ryan Dunlap should be too.”

Mojave Compound


Each Compound Press features an illustrated element, designed by Audrey Mina Kim, that details the mixed genres and hybridized literary forms. The story will consist of two or more categories in combination to create a diverse narrative and the book will be composed of varying styles designed to coordinate a literary technique or tone.READ MORE

SWP16 – Workshop Session

Throughout the month of July, during the Summer Writing Project, 1888 and JukePop present a series of free educational essays, lectures, and podcast episodes produced for the community and available to support our Top 25 with advancing their stories. We have branded July the Summer Writing Project: Workshop Session.READ MORE