Catalyst Podcast: 004 – Spain’s OFNI Jazz Trio Talks Music and Game of Thrones


It is a rare and wonderful day when you get to have a conversation with three talented and remarkable humans that speak to you in Spanish, English and drum beats. Such a day was afforded to us on September 19th, when a cultural connection with the Embassy of Spain resulted in a performance at Chapman by the critically acclaimed O.F.N.I. Jazz Trio.

Listen along as hosts Taryn Stoop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia sit down to a wild and free-flowing chat with the incredibly talented members of the O.F.N.I. Trio: double- bassist Pablo Caminero; pianist Moises Sanchez; and drummer Borja Barrueta. Fresh from the Monterey Jazz festival, the trio talk about the process of creating their music, what it’s like to transverse the music industry in multiple countries, and what we have all learned from the coming of Winter in Westeros.

Photo credit: Spain Arts and Culture.



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