Callista Tyson

I write for myself, I write for others, I write for the world. We all have a way of expressing ourselves. I write because it makes me feel better. When I am angry or hurting I love sitting down and letting the words flow like magic. It’s such a relief to flood a sheet of paper, to clear my messy head. Without my words I am just a young girl. Writing defines me and who I want to be. I love to explore myself and see just what I can come up with this time. I write because it’s fun! There’s nothing better than finishing a piece and sitting back and realizing what I’ve done. I write so others can understand the deep and dark waters of my mind, so maybe someone will understand or maybe even like it. I want to explain everything that I can so I can be heard. I want to entertain with my words. I want someone else to feel the captivity I do when I read a great book. I write to put forth something that will hopefully live longer than I do. I want to put forth new ideas into this world. I want to explain myself so one day someone can relate. Writing is an art form that has been in history for the longest time. I don’t ever want the original thrill of storytelling to be lost. I write because there’s nothing I love to do more.