The Cost Of Paper: Volume Four


Author: 1888
Editor: William M. Brandon III
Artist: Konstantin Datz
Pages: 136
ISBN-13: 978-1545041048
ISBN-10: 1545041040


Stories by Brett Arnold, Arianna Basco, Daniel Chameides, Alex Clark-McGlenn, Douglas Cowie, Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre, Jacob B. Garber, Susie Griffith, Jian Huang, Faisal Khan, Brian May, Dean Moses, Jenny Fan Raj, Jordan A. Rothacker, Warren Stoddard, Chelsea Sutton, Lisa Torem, Aaron Weddle, and Sean Woodard.


The Cost of Paper is an annual publication dedicated to short fiction. It is a unique anthology of international narrative prose sold only for the cost of paper in your hand—or, completely free at Featuring cover artwork by Konstantin Datz. Purchase the print edition of The Cost of Paper: Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, and Volume Four on Amazon.


  1. Write a short story under 2,000 words and submit via Submittable.
  2. Submissions accepted from September 1 through October 31.



The principle behind The Cost of Paper only feels radical because without an avenue for profit, it is difficult to garner the attention of wide audiences over short periods of time. A passion project that rejects profit has no hook for most retail organizations.


So you do it anyway.


You work. And you bleed. And you dream. You ask your community to contribute: friends, and strangers (but not for long) submitting their words, ideas, and experiences to create a unique collection of voices. A conversation creatively contrived to make you smile, shudder, and yearn.


You come together; there is power in community and power in collaboration and cooperation. Host your own readings, sell or donate your work on the streets, in the schools, and to anyone with a willing ear and sympathetic eyes. Do not plan for the day when you will be, be today.


For the Authors: I have the distinct pleasure of knowing some of you personally, and others more casually through this anthology. I know the strength, power, and determination contained in this small community. I know the solid foundation this passion lays makes you a no-longer-grim horizon above a dark and tumultuous sea.


Welcome to the fourth volume of The Cost of Paper.”


– William M. Brandon III, Editor


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