Cut the Thread


Author: Danielle M. Walters
Editor: Jordan A. Rothacker
Artist: Eric Diotte
Pages: 164
ISBN-10: 0-9979892-0-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9979892-0-5


When a man falls from a balcony during a concert of Stravinsky’s Petrushka, a mystery begins to unfold in the local newspaper. In a dreamlike, whimsical vision of Charleston, South Carolina, a strange puppeteer seems to pull the strings on several unconnected individuals who face trials of death, aging, and adultery. Cut the Thread questions the reality of what is witnessed within the confines of fiction. What seems to be ordinary occurrence under an umbrella of printed mystery becomes a grand gesture of performance.


Danielle Walter’s novella is a fine debut full of intricate craftsmanship and the fantastical within daily life. Cut the Thread opens with a mysterious death at the opera that sets a quiet, upscale neighborhood on edge. Then like an operetta itself, it all builds from subtle swirlings of intersecting lives and conversations to a total tragic-comic pitch. This dance macabre mostly centers around a bakery café and a bookstore. However, Walters subverts the cozy and the quaint, controlling a panoramic narrative of shifting perspectives and interconnected character focus like a deft puppet-master. What Walters has accomplished is masterfully orchestrated and engaging storytelling. Classical music is present throughout the book, and it is clear that it lends an inspiration for a style of compositional control in the writing. Evoking a sense of place and how people move about a city, the crisscrossing movements of the characters is dizzying in the best way.”


-Jordan A. Rothaker, Editor


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