L.A. Stories Project

Black Hill Press author Ryan Gattis and UGLARworks have created the L.A. Stories Project, a mural series that tells true stories of life in Los Angeles. It’s a collaborative storytelling endeavor done in partnership with city residents: one that combines the power of people, art, technology, and the city. The premise is simple: citizens send us their stories, and we put them on walls as fusions of art and code. Each stands not simply as public art, but also as a digital literature installation made possible by QR codes.READ MORE

Black Hill Press in Russia

Black Hill Press was featured in the April issue of WTF? magazine, a lifestyle publication produced in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Visit their website at We posted an english translation of the article.READ MORE

Hemingway’s Lounge

We celebrated the release of the Mark Smith Collection at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood on Saturday, January 19, from 8 – 11PM. Here are some pictures from the event. This set of Contemporary American Novellas features Another Name for Autumn by Corrie Greathouse, The Big Drop: Homecoming by Ryan Gattis, and The Frontman by Jon Frechette. The night was sponsored by Hemingway’s, Paper Farms, and Redlight Productions. Priscilla Witte captured these moments.