Postcard + Shirt Printing Party

The Black Hill Press family got together to personalize our artist collection postcards for our favorite independent bookstores across the country. We also screen-printed more Black Hill Press shirts thanks to artists Maggie Lomeli of Gray Area Print and Nicole Martins for designing two frames with our logo.

Let us know if you don’t receive a postcard. If you want to make your own Black Hill Press shirts watch this video created by Nicole Martins and Tyler Hamman for printing at home:

Make your own Black Hill Press t-shirt using materials from your local art or craft store (in order of use): Frame, Mesh Fabric (Chiffon, Nylon, Silk, etc.), Scissors, Glue or Staples, Pencil, Paint Brush, Mod Podge, Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Speedball), Squeegee (Foam, Cardboard, etc.)

Click HERE to download the Black Hill Press logo to print on paper and use as your stencil.

Summer Writing Project (SWP)

Black Hill Press and JukePop are collaborating with the Santa Clara County Library District and California Public Libraries to advocate writing and support reading with their Summer Writing Project (SWP).

Both Black Hill Press and JukePop champion two abandoned mediums. Black Hill Press fights for the novella—a distinctive, often overlooked literary form that offers the focus of a short story and the scope of a novel, while JukePop is rejuvenating the lost art of the serial, pioneered at the dawn of publishing, when authors such as Charles Dickens received critical acclaim and feedback from mass audiences by serializing novels a chapter at a time.

This joint venture presents authors with the opportunity to craft their novellas a chapter at a time with immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback from their readers, while also broadcasting their words to an audience eager for the next great storyteller.

Our second annual Summer Writing Project begins on June 1, 2015 and continues through August 31, 2015.

  1. Write a novella* and submit chapters via**
  2. Selected novellas will be distributed to partner libraries based on reader analytics (retention + reading time) and presented in conjunction with Summer Reading programs
  3. Black Hill Press will select three (3) novellas to be published as a special Summer Writing Project collection with cover artwork by a featured artist.

* Accepted novella word range: 10,000 to 30,000 (Black Hill Press, however, is less interested with word counting and more concerned with compelling characters and evocative moments.
** All entries must follow JukePop’s criteria for submissions (

Black Hill Press Family Dinner

Following the live podcast recording of The How & The Why at Book Soup, the Black Hill Press family spent some time together with a farm dinner.

It was an evening sans event distractions and book signings where we could come together and learn more about one another–the things we love and what we’re working on. We only have one rule with our family dinners:

Bring a dish with a story behind it… and be ready to share, both the story and the food.

Arrive hungry, leave inspired!