Anton M. Rojkov

I’m sure it was “Treasure Island” that made it for me. Stevenson had this exciting story sitting inside of him and he needed to get it out, probably more than he needed to sell it to keep his family fed. The story had to be told, so he kicked it out and many years later the super-imaginative person that I always was, kept re-reading it, absorbing its world, knowing I had lots to tell too.

The first story I wrote was something for my Dad’s birthday when I was 11, I think. I couldn’t buy him anything and I couldn’t make anything in labour class, like other kids did. The only thing I could do is put the image I had in my mind into black print on white paper. I shared a story I made up with another person and not only it was a gift he liked and appreciated my talent, but I also valued being appreciated.

From there on it took off like a lightning. All the fears, dreams, wonderings, fantasies that sat in me, it now had a chance to be put out, thanks to my writing it, about it. When I needed to vent my pain and frustration, I’d release it from my head by writing it out. I wrote for college paper, I wrote for addiction recovery community, I do concert and album reviews, and fiction mystery stories, – there is a lot of information and unspoken ideas inside, keeping which in the mind storage is simply criminal. Even though some of it may never be shared, most of it will and should be, or the steam buried inside will burn the brain.

My eyes and ears perceive the messages and my mind interprets these things in its own way. Thus, my stories are different from others. Often this gift makes me feel like I don’t belong with the rest, that I am on a different plane of existence. Even more often, I am happy about it. Call it being special or unique, life is more fun when I think creatively, and that happens all the time. And when I write it all out, there is room for even more stories that never cease to pop up. Every time I look around, people do something, say something, or don’t do these things and it makes me ask questions “why?” or “what if…?”

There is also a need to be heard. I require feedback to know I’m moving in a right direction, not just with writing, but with my life. For writing is now love, not just passion, so it is valuable to know I’m on a right track. And I’d never know that if I didn’t express it. I just have to keep eyes and ears open and make sure my ideas are sound and the message is clear.