Andrea Smith

I’ll just say it: the reason I mainly write is vanity and it’s natural to me as breathing. I see the world with different eyes. And since I can’t rant to everyone writing it down is a way to express myself. Take the show Bad Girls’ Club for example. I thought it was appalling how their ridiculous behavior was promoted. The fights the drunken nights were appreciated or at least encouraged.

Another reason is to improve my writing. I might be curious to test myself on how many different words I can use on a page. Or a synonym of a word I already used. Right now, I am dealing with the aftermath of a breakup and it helps me stop the breakup, make up pattern. It needs to be over and I need to remind myself of the issues that will never be resolved. One of them is trust. I am tempted to patch things up but I know I would be a complete fool to do so. And I need to make a new chapter in my life. I detail every argument and the inevitable conclusion that these things remain unresolved.

I have been writing stories since I was a young child. I used to read them to my neighbors but I don’t remember what they were about. I had an overactive imagination. I wasn’t raised in a typical family. My parents separated when I was nine. I am one of 7 children. My dad took care of us and worked all the time. I imagined people were interested in my life and I created a world in which I was intriguing. It also serves my need for my creative projects. Mostly I notice the excessive celebrity worship such as the Kardashians.

I also write to review how a book is impacting me. This serves a purpose a purpose of identifying what kind of book I like or weaknesses in the story. In case you’re interested(legal thrillers) There are books that make me roll my eyes (The Mark) or shock me to the core (Final Girls). There are many things I can claim about this book but I will the say the last line absolutely floored me. No spoilers here. I can distinctly remember the last book that frustrated me. The protagonist had no character development. And there were moments when her actions were inconsistent with her thoughts. I confess there are more than a handful of books that deserve an honorable mention.

My daily journaling set the tone for the expectations for my reading material. I read articles too. I recently had to include my children in musings. They have their thoughts on the world and my parenting needs reflection. I should state that I recently started this routine. They don’t have fathers. And I would never profess that I can play both mother and father.

There you have it my reasons why I take on this practice and I have no urge to stop.