Adrian George Nicolae

I remember back when I was in a theatre, my teacher (the late, great Catalin Naum) asked me and my colleague why we want to be actors. We came up with variations of “we like it and enjoy it”, but Mr. Naum said “because you have something to say.” It wasn’t something I particularly thought about, then again, I was new to the arts at that point, trying to do different things with my life, branching out of my comfort zone, which, funnily enough, I didn’t realize I was doing.

Anyway, getting back to the subject, I started writing a year later I think, and haven’t looked back. I like acting, yet I have some issues that trouble me when I’m on stage, so I took a step back to learn things, and now I go back on stage more confident.

Still, getting back to the subject, I write because there are so many stories untold out there, stories that only I could write, as I have a different sense of…everything. I am one of those unicorns (as society puts us) that find most people’s small talk, banter, pitter-patter and chatter pointless. I want different discussions. I like palaver as much as the next one, but give me something worthwhile, man.

Regardless, getting back to the subject, I write because it frees the voices to do something else for a while, to harass and heckle the characters that are in that particular world. It’s also freeing to be evil or devious or murderous without anything real life happening to you. I like killing people. If I were to say that out of context, you’d think I was a mental nutcase or something, but I do. Working in a job and have a douchebag be bad to you? Write them in and kill them. No remorse, just satisfaction. I’m sure movies like “Saw” or “Final Destination” are exactly that.

I wasn’t finished, so getting back to the subject, I write, or rather, visualize stuff in a particular way, and like how some people have diaries, I have a whole world. If I go on a dating app and don’t match, I can write a story about matching with someone and fantasize about it. Sure, most people would say it’s not living in real life, but look at “Fifty Shades of Gray.” A book so universally panned by writers that it becoming the smashing hit that it is is mystifying to a lot of other people. And that is due to how diverse society is now. You can never predict what the masses will cater to. Even some giant companies have an issue with that. Or better yet, the “Marvel vs DC” war, where Marvel always wins. Despite not always having the best heroes. And that is writing, vision, and letting go of you ego.

Which bring me to the last point of this subject. Writing is also ego driven, like any other position out there. I’m writing to diffuse it, too.