214 – Sandra Jones Campbell with Peter Afrasiabi

In this episode Peter connects with artist Sandra Jones Campbell. Visual and fine artist Sandra Jones Campbell discusses her inspiration and resulting artwork, a form that has touched millions. 

Her experiences allow an exploration of multiple issues that artists confront, from the nature of art as an extension of oneself and the legal system’s limited protection for moral rights in the artist’s creations. As we meander down the copyright river in this discussion, the looming question we ask is how artists can better protect themselves in their business dealings and how the legal system can make it easier for them.



The Arts Counsel podcast, hosted by Peter Afrasiabi, is a thirty-minute conversation with influential content creators about their work at the intersection of art and the law. Designed to demystify the legal system, guests share stories of their struggles and successes as it relates to their creative endeavors, and Afrasiabi offers insight to help our audience better understand their rights as artists.

Peter Afrasiabi is a founding partner of One LLP, an intellectual property litigation boutique in California known for handling high-profile cases, and has been named by Variety magazine a Top Lawyer. An author of multiple books, he founded an appellate litigation clinic in conjunction with the Chapman University School of Law, and the University of California, Irvine School of Law in Orange County, California, where he regularly litigates civil rights and political asylum appeals with his students. A regular speaker, he has been interviewed by NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal and radio and print outlets concerning his cases.



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Producer: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Producer and Host: Peter Afrasiabi
Manager: Sarah Becker
Guest: Sandra Jones Campbell