1888 authors launch new science fiction press

Shaunn Grulkowski and Nate Ragolia, two members of the 1888 family, and authors of Retcontinuum (2014) and There You Feel Free (2015), respectively, have started a new science fiction press called Spaceboy Books. Both Shaunn and Nate have worked with 1888 on editing, social media and more.

Spaceboy focuses on bringing new, curious, and thoughtful stories to readers everywhere. They publish the weird, the wondrous, the optimistic, and the adventurous. Their mission is to empower authors, and through their To the Rescue program, to support charitable causes.

They are passionate about science fiction’s incredible capacity to provoke thought, challenge conventions, and present new, brilliant visions of the future. They do have one rule, though: no steampunk.

Spaceboy’s first novel, The Retroactivist, was released on February 28, and is available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook, or through your local store via Ingram distribution.